Installation Tips 
  • Measure to the underside of the top rail and the upper side of the bottom rail, or to the fence structures horizontal wire or frame.
  • Side to side, measure inside of left post to inside of right post.
  • For a 3',6', or 8' high fence we take off as much as 5" so that the product can be hung taut. Taut is key!
  • We provide grommets every 12" on all sides. Make sure to tie all grommets to the structure. 
  • Hang product loose first to adjust, then tighten Zip ties.
  • We recommend UV Zip Ties 50 lb top row, 75 lb bottom ( not included ) These are easily found in your local store or online.
  • MOST IMPORTANT ....Need help? Have a question? Just ask, We are here for you and Happy to help.